Application Form

To join MINAP you need to provide the following information to our NOC. MINAP staff reserves the right to reject any request. Please have a look at our policy section before applying.

The following information must be provided to

  • Organization name.
  • Web site.
  • NOC contacts.
  • E-mail address(es) to be subscribed to the mailing list.
  • Autonomous System number.
  • IRR AS macro (as-set), if any.
  • Details of your peering policy, if it is not open.
  • The MINAP PoP you plan to connect to.
  • The speed of the port that you will connect (GE or 10GE).

MINAP is a "bring your own optics" internet exchange: please arrange for delivery of an SFP or SFP+ to the operator of the PoP you will connect to.

Mar 8, 2018
The Enter POP is ready to accept new connections.

Jan 22, 2018
The members area is online with a new backend.

Sep 28, 2017
The CDLAN POP is ready to accept new connections.

Sep 14, 2017
The second route server has been reinstalled.


MINAP - Milan Neutral Access Point - CC-BY-SA