Points of Presence


  • POP name: Seeweb
  • Sponsor: Seeweb
  • Location: Seeweb
  • Building: piastra B - ground floor
  • POP name: Telnet
  • Sponsor: Telnet
  • Location: Telnet
  • Building: F - first floor
  • POP name: CDLAN
  • Sponsor: CDLAN
  • Location: CDLAN
  • Building: piastra E - first floor

Please note that, since IRIDEOS charges their customers for pre-cabling also for inbound cross-connects, the sponsors of these POPs will need to directly charge members on a cost-recovery basis. Connections to MINAP switches hosted in other data centers are not subject to these fees and MINAP never receives money from members.


Please consult our Network Weathermap for detailed information.

Remote peering

Remote peering is available from Fiber Telecom.